Top 5 Moving Tips

1. Prepare Ahead of Time:

The more prepared you are, the better your move will go. If you pack your possessions yourself, develop an organizational system that will make unpacking a breeze. This will save you time and reduce the chance of misplacing items. By move day, make sure you have planned how you want your possessions arranged in your new house. This will save time on your move and save you money (movers charge hourly for moves in Michigan that are less than 40 miles between origin and destination in most cases).

2. Packing:

We offer full-service packing and can make last-minute accommodations to send you packers right before your move. If you pack yourself, be sure to obtain high quality cartons (boxes) to keep your possessions safe. You can purchase boxes from a hardware store or a storage facility, but there is usually a markup at the storage facility. If you use used boxes, carefully inspect the boxes for heavy use and excessive wear. Boxes that have been weakened from excessive or improper use can be broken from the weight or the contents or be crushed while stacked in the moving truck. If you pack your own boxes, movers are only liable for damage due to negligence and they are not liable for improperly packed items or faulty used boxes. Make sure that you use boxes that are the same shape and size. They can be arranged in the truck more quickly and efficiently. This will also make an hourly rated move cost less. There are plenty of YouTube videos of professional movers demonstrating how to pack boxes

3. Know What You Will and Won't Move:

We all accumulate junk overtime! Make Decide to get rid of what you don't want. There are certain items, such as chemicals, plants, pets, perishables, money, documents, jewelry, and other valuables that all moving companies either can't legally transport or won't assume liability for if they are lost of damaged. New Neighbors Moving will gladly make extra stops at places like Goodwill, storage units, or relatives houses for no additional fees

4. Pack a Necessities Box:

This is a box that will include things that you can't go a day without. This should include items like toilet paper, soap, a toothbrush & toothpaste, a change of clothes, keys, cash, medications, snacks, contact lenses & solution, wallet, ID. Pro-tip: New Neighbors Moving recommends LOTS OF COFFEE if you have lots of boxes to unpack!!!!!!!!

5. Change Your Address:

This will help prevent overdue payments and fees, and service lapses. Consider the following: mailing address & billing address for all your credit cards, post office, bank, cable, internet, phone, utilities, subscriptions like magazines and video streaming services, drivers license, your job, insurance company, home-based business, your child's school, your doctor, and don't forget your friends and family!